Conference Programme

Conference Programme

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Troubled Contemporary Art Practices in the Middle East:  Post-colonial conflicts, Pedagogies of art history, and Precarious artistic mobilization

University of Nicosia | Birkbeck University of London

June 2016


Keynote speakers

Prof. Wendy Shaw, Frei Universität Berlin. Contemporary Art: Writing Histories for a Middle East Under Erasure


Catherine David, Pompidou Centre. Keynote Skype Lecture




Androula (Andri) Michael. Artists and “Postcolonial melancholia”


Anita Toutikian. We all see what we are told to see


Candida Pestana and Eman Bukhari, Saudi Contemporary Art Perspectives: engagement through culture and education


Chelsea Haines. From Collection to Archive, One Scan at a Time—DorGuez’s Christian Palestinian Archive Project


Christina Lambrou. Ambivalence and appropriation in the work of Adamantios Diamantis


Chrystalleni Loizidou. On the Nicosia Airport


Constantinos Constantinou. The artist as entrepreneur: The new spirit of creative capitalism


Despina Pasia. Encounters Betwixt and Between: Contemporary Art Curatorial Performances and the Left in the Republic of Cyprus


Elena Parpa. Narratives of triumph: The case of Cypriot Painter Adamantios Diamantis




Elisa Adami. Anachronisms and Withdrawals: A Critical Retrospective Construction of the History of Arab Art in the work of Walid Raad


Elizabeth Hoak-Doering. Stones as Currency in the 19th Century and Beyond : A Report on Practice Based Research


Evagoras Vanezis. Desert Islands: Relations of Land and Sea in perpetual Displacement


Evanthia Tselika. Conflict Turns within contemporary social practices


Esra Plümer Bardak. Art History in Dialogue: Reading “SanatGüncesi” as meta-discourse and contemporary responses


Francesco Spampinato. Slavs and Tatars: Alphabets and Art Histories


Gabriel Koureas.  ‘The Dark Years’: Ottoman transcultural memories and Cypriot artistic production


Haris Pelapaissiotis. Walking Narratives And Affective Cartographies:Towards a blueprint For an Affective map Of Nicosia using aesthetic Tools of engagement


Helen Westgeest. Dealing with complex socio-political issues through hybrid lens-based-media artworks


Henriette Sorensen. Precarious Alternatives: Experiences from Mansion Blatt, Beirut


Holiday Powers. Qatar Museums


Housni Alkhateeb Shehada. Palestinian Art under Israeli Rule: Creativity in the Shadow of the Conflict


Ioanna Americanou. The Narratives of Female Cinema from divided Communities: Cyprus and Palestine


Isabelle de le Court. Is Curating the New Art History? An approach to art pedagogies and the shift to Curatorial Practices in Lebanon


Joy Stacey. Palestinian Folk Costume and Performances of Identity in Resistance


Judith Asher and Ben Baruch Blich. PHOTOGRAPHY IN CONFLICT: Israeli-Palestinian photographers


Judith Bihr. Pretty Transformations Subversive Strategies and Forms of Expression in contemporary Egyptian Art


Judith Naeff. The Radical Instability of Space and Architecture in Selected Works by Mona Hatoum and Rayyane Tabet


Kirsten Scheid. Towards a Pedagogy of Precarious Art, from the Nike of Samothrace, to the Venus de Milo, to Saloua Raouda Choucair


Klitsa Antoniou. Socially engaged art across the Mediterranean Sea: 2001/51/EC – Embodied Crossings – Now Boarding


Lee Perlman. Busha(Shame) –A Case Study in Precarious Palestinian/Jewish Collaborative Artistic Mobilization in Israel


Lia Lapithi. “White-Desire ice cream – Re-materializing post-colonial Cyprus”. An art installation in 3 Acts; from Concept to Realization to Exhibition


Louli Michaelidou. Art History as Narration: Ideological configurations of the Greek Cypriot modernity in art


Marina Kassianidou. The Traveling Artist “Problem”: Everywhere, Nowhere, and Anywhere In Between


Meysam Yazdi. Disoriented Discourses of Iranian Post-Revolutionary Contemporary Art


Mike Hajimichael. ‘You laugh with my pain – self-reflection on a ‘reality-TV’- like conflict situation/moment in a documentary and music event about division in Cyprus’


Mohsen Biparva. The Neoliberal Shift in Iranian Contemporary Art and the Ideology of Non-ideological Art


Monika Asimenou. Approach of the pedagogy of art history through artworks


Niki Zanti-Philastides. Transitional experiences of visual artists in Cyprus


Rachel Dedman. Knowledge Bound: Alternative Arts Education in the Middle-East


Rawan Sharaf Khatib. Art and Institution: Transforming Field, Shifting Practices in the

Palestinian Contemporary Art Scene


Reema Salha Fadda. Cultural resistance in the neoliberal age: the case of Palestine


Ronnie Close. Between Stadia and Street: The Hooligan Dissensus of Cairo’s Ultras Football Fans – Film of the club


Rounwah A. Bseiso. Revolutionizing Art on Cairo’s Streets


Roy Brand. Chronopolishow to do contemporary art in Jerusalem


Sabrina DeTurk. Global Art History in the Middle East: Pedagogy and Practice


Sarah Scarsbrook. The influence of The Art School on Professionalised practice in the visual Arts since the Mid 1980s


Toula Liasi. HOME AND IDENTITY -art education in areas of conflict and Cyprus


Vazken Khatchig Davidian. Reframing Ottoman Art Histories: Bringing Silenced Voices into the Picture


Yiannis Toumazis. Famagusta New Museum: Reenacting the Haunted City in a Federal Environment 


Yochai Avrahami. Ultra-Orthodox Women: From Culture Consumers to Culture Creators Bezalel’s Ultra-Orthodox Extension